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broken loaf of bread

Stories of Grace: Episode 5

“My dad’s suffering allowed him to recognize suffering—in its many clandestine and unwelcoming forms—in others, and his common humanity and humaneness brought the humanity of others to the surface. It was a grace, to be sure, and one he practiced receiving. And not just in his living but in his dying, as well.” Visit here to listen to Colleen Moore, director of the Echo: Faith Formation Leadership Program, tell a story about her father’s witness to life and death made more, not less, by God’s grace. Subscribe to the free Stories of Grace podcast on iTunes U and receive automatic notifications when a new story is published. The full text of Colleen’s reflection is below. I wanted to be common like bread: so when the struggle came she wouldn’t find me missing. These lines from Pablo Neruda’s poem “Nothing More” were etched on a plaque, as a tribute to my late father, Denny, by a close friend of his. It hung on the wall of their local watering hole where my dad had gathered often with …