Church Life is a journal produced by the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame that explores the theological and pastoral roots of the new evangelization, with particular attention to catechesis, liturgy, adult theological education, a spirituality of vocation, and the formation of ordained and lay ministers.



Essays that deal with the Church’s theological tradition as a resource for considering pastoral issues in the Church today. These articles may employ methods and use sources related to historical, liturgical, systematic, moral, and biblical theology.


Essays that begin from a particular practice of the Church with the goal of effectively facilitating evangelization. These articles may treat the proper way to do RCIA, to carry out the task of catechesis in a parish, to form liturgical musicians— anything related to the ministry of the new evangelization.


Essays that are concerned first and foremost with the Church’s engagement of culture, including politics, marriage and family life, approaches to education, and sociological research related to evangelization.

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